ITEX the Membership Barter Group

ITEX the Membership Barter Group
ITEX the Membership Barter Group
June McBride
General Manager
816 Baltimore Pike #11
Glen Mills, Pa. 19342

We bring you new business from business owners that are members here. You charge your regular rates on Trade. Then you can spend that trade where ever you want in our network, from printing to advertising. Saving you cash and making you more profitable!

I wanted to introduce my company ITEX to you as we are here to help you grow your business – to reduce hard costs and to build revenue and awareness.

ITEX is the largest national trade organization in the USA with 70 locations throughout the US – giving us a strong local and national reach. And instant national advertising!

Our trade exchange allows you to barter with any other member locally or nationally, this is not a one-to-one trade system.

ITEX coordinates transactions between members, like a bank, keeping track of sales and purchases within each member’s account.

How will your company benefit?

You can leverage and create value from under-used assets or available services that may not be working to capacity and make them work to build wealth and exposure for your company.
Your buying power will grow exponentially.

Upon selling a product or service on the ITEX trade exchange, you will receive those trade dollars as a credit in your account.
When you use those trade dollars to purchase on the exchange you will spend those trade dollars and only 6% in cash for the product or service, thereby growing your buying power.
Up to 10, 000. A Year In Free Advertising with our Co-Op Program
Free National and Local Advertising on our Marketplace, More buying and selling power.
By replacing some of your business Cash expenses with Trade, you then have higher profits, saving you cash.
Business referrals! Not all our member business associates are members here. Cash referrals can come your way!
Corporate run for uniform business practices

There are several Membership options to go with. We will find the right one for you and your company needs. Gold, Silver or Bronze.
*NO MONTLY FEES for the first 3 Months*
$2500.00 CREDIT LINE upon being placed on credit card auto-pay. (This is a Credit Line and must be repaid with Sales of your products or services)

As your Trade Director and personal “Profit Improvement Specialists” I would welcome the opportunity to work with you, and show you how ITEX can benefit your company directly.  We can offer everything from business services to health care to luxury travel.

Let me know if there is a good time to connect either by phone or in person.  In the meantime, I have an application on my web site listed below, in the event you would like to fill it out and fax or email it back to me.  I will reach out again shortly or you can feel free to contact me via phone or email at your convenience.

I look forward to working with you to grow your business.

*Excludes 6% buy and sell fee.  Monthly member fees are $20 cash & $10 trade.

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ITEX the Membership Barter Group