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LeGault Financial Services
LeGault Financial Services
Glenn LeGault, CPA, CFE, Notary
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LeGault Financial Services is a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Financial Examiner family-owned accounting business that has been serving customers since 2003 within Pennsylvania and many other states across the country.  We are a full-service accounting firm that focuses on individual entrepreneurs, and small to medium size businesses by executing our core principal “to treat clients the way we want to be treated.”  LFS offers both personal and business type services to our customers, which range from simple budgeting and bookkeeping to our Turn-Key Operations.  We offer to conduct business in our office, by mail, by email, or online.  We also will travel to the customer’s home or business.

LFS Business Services Offered:

Opening and Closing Businesses – LFS understands all of the jurisdictions throughout the country and has incorporated clients in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Florida, and Virginia.  Because Federal, State, City, and Local regions have different options to choose from, structuring your business can be overwhelming.  LFS can assist you with licensing in your jurisdictions by explaining the available options and their advantages and disadvantages.

Bookkeeping – LFS can perform general bookkeeping for businesses by entering information into manual and electronic general ledgers.

Payroll Services – When it come to employees, payroll is just another headache that an owner has to deal with.  Let LFS handle your payroll services by becoming your payroll department for your business.  We have experience in handling payroll for organizations and will bring a personal touch to working with your employees.

Accounting – Along with our bookkeeping services, LFS will perform monthly bank account reconciliation, generate monthly and/or quarterly financial statements, generate a fixed asset ledger, and perform adjusting entries.

Turn-Key Operations – Let LFS become your back office accounting department.  Let us perform our ultimate service package which includes all accounting departmental functions such as creating various budgets, performing journal entries, paying bills, general ledger reconciliations, performing budget to actuals, developing future savings plans, coordinating the budget to match your tax return categories, and completing all monthly, quarterly, and yearly tax returns.  You just need to provide us with the mail and sign the checks.

Income Taxes – LFS understands that taxes can be confusing and complicated for business owners.  Let us ease your mind by preparing and filing your Federal, State, City, and Local taxes.  We also defend tax returns.

Compliance Services – Do you ever wonder if you are complying with all your business rules and regulations?  Let LFS put your mind at ease by performing compliance audits to be sure.

Auditing Services – Do you plan on purchasing an existing business, expanding your current business, or getting a loan?  LFS offers review, report, and opinion on business financial statement.  We also perform internal control audits.

LFS Personal Services Offered:

Income Taxes – LFS understands that taxes can be confusing and complicated for people.  Let us ease your mind by preparing and electronically filing your Federal, State, City, and Local taxes.  As part of our services, we handle simple W-2 (1040-EZ), independent contractor’s year-end 1099, and everything-in-between, including defending tax returns.

Budgeting – Work to educate and assist our clients in the development and maintenance of household budget and future savings plans.

Financial Consultant – LFS recognizes it is hard to keep track of where the money goes and what you purchased months ago.  We have a solution that will keep track of your finances by educating you on how to develop a financial plan and perform budget to actual analysis.  This process may assist you in determining your personal property insurance needs.

Financial Manager – Are you too busy to keep up with your personal finances and want a worry free financial life?  Let LFS manage your finances.  Allow us to create various budgets, pay bills, perform budget to actuals, develop future savings plans, and coordinate the budget to match your tax return categories.

Tax Planning – LFS performs tax planning to reduce your tax liability at year-end.  For example, selling unrealized losses against unrealized gains, donating charity, and maximizing all deductions.

Estate Planning – LFS understands that Estate Planning can be confusing and stressful on you.  Let us guide you through the maze and develop a plan that will help take care of your love ones when they need it the most.

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